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Camp TV Wiki is a collaborative effort of multiple users who enjoy roleplaying, we've moved from many different places from the originator to our second community, with this being the third official roleplay continuity of the Total Roleplay Drama timeline. We are always open to new users and if you're interested, please read the Rules & Regulations, and remember that chat is always open!

What just is Camp TV you say? The hit new reality show of 2018, and it's about to begin right here, right now! The season has just begun; get ready for a summer filled with drama and backstabbing. 22 teenagers will be forced to compete in heinous challenges, eat crappy mess hall food, and of course, face eachother. With one million dollars in question, who'll fall to the temptation? Only one can win, and you can watch the drama unfold here, LIVE!


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Camp TV is officially premiering on Saturday, January 13th are you ready for the drama? The premiere will be handled in two-different parts and if we're running on schedule it will run for about 1 hour.


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